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At KC Taekwondo, our classes are based on age and belt rank to ensure that everyone gets the individualized instruction they need.

Our instructors leads fun, high-energy classes that emphasize crucial life skills such as confidence, respect, focus, and discipline.

TKD Tots (ages 3.5-5)

Our Tots program supports critical development designed specifically for the 3.5-5 age group.

Basic martial arts training will help build balance, gross motor control, and hand-eye coordination. In addition to the physical benefits, students build positive social experiences, learn cooperation, listening skills, and so much more. 

TKD Tigers (ages 5-7)

Our Tigers program teaches young children confidence, self-esteem, focus, respect, and much more. 

The curriculum is divided into manageable pieces, appropriate for their age group, while maintaining integrity of the techniques. Children are proud of their success as they graduate through the ranks. 

KC Kids (ages 8-12)

Our Kids program catches students at a crucial social period and develops good habits at home and school as well as the dojang. 

Students learn how to set and achieve goals and to persevere in the face of challenges. They also develop respect for peers, elders, and self. Our curriculum builds strength and balance, and security through self-defense, all while having fun in a safe environment.

Teens (ages 13-17)

Teenagers at KC transform into confident and disciplined young leaders as they strive to for excellence in Taekwondo. 

Students become a part of a respectful, inclusive, and positive community in the teen classes while their curriculum emphasizes community service, self-growth, academic achievement and preparation for their future. 

Adults (ages 18+)

Adults join KC for many reasons. Some may be interested in learning Taekwondo alongside their children in our Family classes. Others are looking for a fun and empowering activity to improve fitness and lose weight. No matter the goals, it's never too late to start learning Taekwondo!

Adults who train with us enter an encouraging environment where they improve flexibility and strength, practice mindfulness, and find healthier, happier versions of themselves. 


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